Made to always be by your side

We design products with your busy days in mind. With mugs for your coffee, water bottles for hydrating, tumblers for your nightcap, and everything in between, you can incorporate S|M into every part of your daily routine.

Start your day with us

Tumblers with leakproof lids are perfect for taking your favorite hot or cold brews to go, and double-walled insulation keeps your drinks at the optimal temperature.

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Working at the office

Our bottles and tumblers can handle hot and cold drinks alike, so you can keep sipping throughout your team meetings and projects.

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Crushing your workouts

When you're breaking a serious sweat and need to rehydrate, our water bottles are here to help you perform at your best.

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Heading back to school

Whether your kids are heading back to grade school, or off to college, S|M is the one-stop-shop for everything they need to head back-to-school in style.

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Going on Adventures

Now you can hike, walk the dog, and explore new places while staying on top of your hydration goals.

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Afternoons spent outside

Keep your favorite drink nearby everywhere you go and show off your signature style with countless colors, patterns and designs.

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Cruising on your bike

S|M products are made with durable materials and can withstand any activity while maintaining their sleek appearance.

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Relaxing with friends

Whether you prefer to sip canned drinks, your favorite wine, or show off your mixology skills, S|M barware has something for every type of beverage.

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No matter where your day takes you or how hectic it gets, Simple Modern products are here to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated while showing off your one of a kind style. So lets start our journey together and start swapping out your single-use plastic and paper for something that'll always be with you.